How to integrate implicite learning into your French strategy?

ingredients for learning: live love learn

Let’s talk about an essential ingredient to integrate in your strategy to learn French: implicit learning!


1- What is implicit learning?


Explicit learning (also called conscious learning) is the model you are probably most used to : traditional learning with lessons and exercises.

Conversely implicit learning is done through observation, imitation and by “doing”.

For example, it is through implicit learning that you learned to speak your mother tongue and this is how young children learn.

Unfortunately, as adults, we often forget that we are capable of implicit and unconscious learning.

As adults we put aside this natural ability of our brain to learn intuitively in favor of controlled, organized, theoretical learning. However, adding implicit learning to your French is a real lever for progress.


So…how to do it concretely?


2- Two strategies to try implicit learning!


1-Increase contact with the language

Our brain is capable of learning and memorizing unconsciously and for that it needs to be in contact with the language as often as possible.

✔️Yes, it is possible to learn conjugations naturally.
✔️Yes, you can know the spelling of a word without ever having written it.
✔️Yes, you can say things without ever having consciously learned them.


👉What can you change in your daily life to increase your contact with French?
👉What small change / new habit could you put in place to be more exposed to spoken and written French?


2- Experiment “the flow”

Make your French come alive. Give it a chance to exist


Experiencing “the flow” means speaking French:

✖️ without interference with grammar around a subject that you like, that you are passionate about and that excites you
✔️with your mistakes and imperfections (come on, we love you!).


To experience “the flow” you must:

💛 Focus on the act of communication and the message
💛 Putting aside thinking and analyzing grammar
💛 Allow yourself to speak spontaneously.
💛 Follow your intuition


After a few sessions of “flow”, my coachees :

💪have more confidence in themselves, they doubt less.
🧠 become aware of their ability
⚡ speak more fluently

Do you want to practice your flow with me? Discover my 1-1 coaching program !  


I hope you enjoyed this topic and that you are inspired and motivated to integrate implicit learning into your routine!

💬Already doing it? Share your best habits in comment below!

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