Comfort zone vs discomfort zone

Do you often hear that you should get out of your comfort zone when you share your problems related to French learning?

Do you wonder why you can’t get out of your comfort zone in French? Is it because you are not strong or brave enough?


What if it was the wrong goal?


“Get out of your comfort zone” assumes that you are in a comfort zone.

Yet I know that for many, this is not the case : you are in an discomfort zone in French.

That is why “getting out of comfort zone” doesn’t apply for you…yet!


What should you do?


Before your dare to get how of your comfort zone you have to find your French comfort zone, explore it and enjoy it.

And you certainly don’t need to set up crazy challenges and change everything in your life for reaching this comfort zone.
It can be done gently, with consideration of your current situation and desires.
With a plan that is adapted to : your particularities, your lifestyle, and your needs.

There is hope. Things can change.

If I can shine a tiny light at the end of the tunnel through my words, then I will be happy!


Discover your French comfort zone :

A serene, caring and results-oriented space to learn and practise French.
12 weeks of French Neurolanguage coaching®a ultra customized program adapted to your needs, objectives and desires.



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