Why and how to have fun when learning French ?

How much fun do you have when you work on your French?

Today, in this short article, I explain why pleasure and enjoyment are important when learning French and I share with you some tips on how to have fun while learning French.

If you think that it is normal to be bored, because learning French is difficult and full of restrictions, then please continue reading this article!

Why is it important to have fun when learning ?


If you want to optimize your learning, to make it as efficient and fast as possible, then it is essential to integrate the notion of pleasure into your learning.

When we enjoy something, the brain secretes a neurotransmitter called dopamine.
The number of neuronal connections created by the brain depends on the amount of dopamine secreted.

A lot of dopamine = a lot of neuronal connections.
It is by creating new neuronal connections that we learn.

To put it simply : pleasure = dopamine = neuronal connections = learning

Also, some researches show that enjoyment can positively affect memorizing of information, and boost the motivation.


5 tips to enjoy learning French

1.Learn what you like

Define your objectives according to your needs and tastes.
Choose content that is inspiring and enjoyable for you.
Using learning material that is real and close to your own life is very good for dopamine production.

2.Learn the way you like to learn

Choose the plan of action that best suits your personality and your tastes.
What is good for someone else is not necessarily good for you.
Dare to be yourself, question your way of learning and your preferences.

3.Set realistic and achievable goals

Every time you achieve a goal you will get a dopamine boost.
Don’t really know how to set your French goals? Download here my free guide «  How to set French goals for success » .

4.Be kind to yourself and your results

Hearing compliments and positive feedback feels good and makes you release dopamine. Give yourself compliments, focus on the positive, on your progress, on your commitment, rather than on your mistakes and defects.

5.Innovate, be curious

Your brain loves novelty.
Try new things, get out of your routine.
Look for new material, content, strategies to achieve your goals.


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