What should you learn to improve your French?

You don’t know what should you learn to improve your French and how to define your French goals ? 

Let me show you 3 different ways to define what you should learn to improve your French.




It is is the simplest strategy : 

〰️1〰️ Choose which level you want to reach: A1, A2, B1, B2?

〰️2〰️ Look at the language skills you are supposed to learn and master for each level (download a free inventory here)

〰️3〰️ Organize your roadmap according to this framework. 


2- FOLLOW your needs


The second strategy starts with a concrete need. 

Make a list of the types of conversations, the types of communication that you need to practice and master to feel more confident in your daily life.

Example :

  • “I find it difficult to explain to my colleagues what I do on my week-end” 
  • “I would like to write emails in French”
  • “I need to communicate with my children’s teachers”


From these needs, you will be able to define vocabulary objectives or grammar objectives. 

💬What do you need to be able to reach this goal? 

💬What type of vocabulary are you missing or what type of sentence structure would you like to be able to produce? 

💬What are the elements of the grammar that you need learn and practise?


💡Let’s take an example in detail 🧐

Need : “I find it difficult to explain to my colleagues what I do on my week-end”


1-Potential vocabulary goals ⚡

– Brainstorm / Learn / practise the vocabulary to talk about the activities you usually do on the weekend

– Master the expression of time and duration like “in the morning”, “all day”, “for 2 hours”… 


2-Potential grammar goals ⚡

– Use the “passé-composé” : it is the ideal tense to make a list of actions you have done in the past.




If you don’t have any particular needs, it might be interesting to ask about your desires. 

Your desires are extremely valuable because they are very motivating.

Working around the goals you want will be much easier than working on goals that someone else (or a book) has chosen for you. 


Here are some questions you can ask yourself to create a list of goals based on your desires: 


💬What do you want to be able to say in French? 

💬What type of conversation would you like to be able to have in French?

💬What do you like to talk about? 

💬What topics do you like to talk about? 


I am currently taking a Neurolanguage coaching® in Italian so I would like to share my personal experience, this time as a learner.  

I don’t have any particular need and I don’t want to reach a specific level. I’m doing this only for fun and curiosity, therefore I have defined a list of goals based on my desires.

Here are the subjects that interest me and through which I want to practice my oral expression in Italian. 

📌Talking about food

📌Talking about minimalism 

📌 Tell a story about a trip 


In all the Neurolanguage coaching® programs I offer, the first session is dedicated to defining the objectives and setting up an action plan. 

The list of goals is based on my coachees current challenges, needs and desires.  I help them define and choose what they should learn first. 

Every decision related to learning and practicing French is made together because taking ownership in the learning increase the motivation.  We create a customized and meaningful learning path that has a real impact on results💥. 




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