What is Neurolanguage coaching®?

In this blog post, I explain what is Neurolanguage Coaching® and why it is an effective and motivating method ?

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Neurolanguange coaching® was created and developed by Rachel Paling in 2012.

The method consists of using coaching techniques and neuroscience to accompany people in their language learning and help them reach their goals.

Neurolanguage Coaching® follows a clear process and uses unique coaching models.

2- What makes neurolanguage coaching effective and motivating?


There are many reasons why Neurolanguage Coaching® is an efficient and motivating method.


  1. Coaching : a powerful tool
  2. Neuroscience brings efficiency and sustainable results
  3. The Neurolanguage coach : an ally for the coachee


1- Coaching is a powerful tool


The program is 100% personalized: the coachee sets his objectives according to his or her own needs and preferences. With a tailor-made program, the coachee is more motivated to learn and progress.

The coachee gets a clear vision of his learning path. The coachee knows where he is starting from, where he is going, and what are the different steps to achieve his goal : he is more motivated to put energy into the process.

The coach is constantly focusing on the goals and the achievement of these goals and thus the results. The coachee has a clear vision of his progress and it encourages him to continue.


2-Neuroscience to create efficient process and sustainable results


Neurolanguage Coaching® uses neuroscience to create a perfect learning state during the coaching sessions.
Based on what we know about the brain and how it learns (connection, association, attention, motivation…), the coach works hand in hand with the coachee and guides him/her through this learning process.

The coach brings self-awareness to the coachee. The coachee better understands how his brain functions in a learning process : he understands how to learn more efficiently.


3- The Neurolanguage coach, an ally for the coachee

The coach is at the same time a facilitator for learning, a guide, an expert, and an accountability partner.

The coach :

  • provides support in case of difficulty
  • shares his/her expertise in the language
  • guides the coachee in the learning process
  • focuses on the coachee’s objectives and results.



The Neurolanguage Coaching® process values autonomy and encourages the coachee to take decisions and ownership in the learning process. Coach and coachee have equal status.

The coach’s attitude is always extremely positive, encouraging, and energizing.


The experience of the coachee and expertise of the coach are both used to achieve the best possible result.


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Inès Lluch Del Campo
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