3 best translation tools for French

best translation tools for french

Looking for the perfect translation tools for French?  Look no further!


When learning a new language, being able to translate from native language to French (and vice versa) is key. I have noticed that many of my coachees don’t know what tools to use to translate into French.

That’s why I am happy to share my top 3 best translation tools.


1. Wordreference: The Queen


When to Use It: To translate specific words accurately.

Why I Love It: Wordreference is my go-to because of its user-friendly interface and extensive database. It provides comprehensive translations along with example sentences, making it easy to understand words in various contexts.


2. Le Robert: The Queen’s Assistant


When to Use It: When you need precise meanings and context for French words.

Why I Like It: Le Robert offers concise definitions and includes examples to illustrate word usage. Plus, it’s great for checking verb conjugations, ensuring accuracy in your writing.


3. Deepl: The Queen’s Substitute


When to Use It: For translating sentences, paragraphs, or entire texts quickly.

Why I Love It: Deepl works like magic, saving you valuable time with its accurate translations. Whether you’re translating emails or checking your own translations, Deepl ensures you grasp the intended meaning effortlessly.



I hope these translation tools will accompany you in your learning journey.

Do you use other translation tools to translate for French? Please share them in the comment section!


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