Time to reflect on your French

Early September. End of summer. Perfect time to reflect on your French.


Let’s stop for a moment before starting all over again.

Let’s take time to reflect on your French.

Your progress, your desires, your needs.

1-Give yourself time to observe progress.


– Where are you today?

– What are you doing better than you were a while ago?

– In what situations do you feel better? more serene?

– What have you managed to do?


2-Set intentions for the coming months.


– What do you want to be able to do or say in French in 3 months? in 6 months?

– What would you like to do differently?

– What change would you like to initiate?

– If you were to illustrate your desires, your vision, what would it look like?


3-Create a vision board


In order to put images on your intentions, you can create a vision board dedicated to French or to your life in France.

It can be an excellent source of inspiration and motivation to start moving in the right direction.

Personally, for my vision boards I find my inspiration on Unsplash .

I select the pictures that correspond to my desires, my intentions and I position them in a page on Open Office Draw, and I display the JPEG file on my desktop.


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