Shifting Mindset: Speak vs. Practice French

shifting mindest : practicing VS speaking french

It is common to hear people say “they are going to practice their French” when they mean “they are going to speak French.” However, this usage raises a concern.

The word “practice” is closely associated with the idea of trying, drafting, and training. It emphasizes that our language proficiency is unfinished and imperfect.

In this article, we will reflect on the impact of our choice of words on our mindset, confidence, and communication quality when engaging in French conversations.


The Power of Words:


When you say, “I’m going to practice my French this weekend” you send a message to our brain.

This can influence how you express yourself, your self-confidence, and the quality of your communication. Conversely, adopting the mindset of “speaking French this weekend” brings about a shift.

You position yourself as an equal conversational partner, rather than a language learner.


The Significance of Mindset:


⚫ What message are you sending to your brain when you say : “I’m going to practice my French this weekend”?

⚫ How might it impact your expression, self-assurance, and communication quality?



Now, envision yourself “speaking French this weekend.”

🟡 What is your state of mind before starting the interaction?

🟡 How do you feel when you imagine the scene?



Your mindset plays a crucial role before entering a French interaction.

When you approach it as “speaking French” you embrace a positive and confident attitude. You feel more at ease and ready to engage in the language. Let’s imagine the scene.


As you can see, I encourage you to try saying that you will “speak French” because I believe it helps position you as an equal conversational partner, not just a language student.



A Small Word, A Big Difference:


A simple word can make a significant impact on your posture, mindset, and self-confidence.

By consciously choosing to “speak French,” you empower yourself to embrace the language with a sense of ownership and equality.





Language learning is an ongoing journey, but the way we frame our approach can make a world of difference.

Embrace the mindset of a confident interlocutor, and watch as your expression and communication flourish.

Remember, a small shift in words can lead to a major transformation in your language learning experience.


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