[Video] Should you stop comparing yourself to other French learners?

should you stop comparing yourself to other French learners?

When we move towards a specific goal it is quite natural to compare ourselves to the people around us.


👉What kind of emotions are you feeling when you compare yourself to other expats who speak French?
👉Do you feel more of a positive or a negative feeling?


Comparison can bring up negative feelings:

😒 – Dissatisfaction
😒 – Jealousy
😒 – Low self-esteem


Should you stop comparing yourself to other French learners?

I don’t think it’s interesting to try to stop comparing yourself to other French learners because it’s a natural thing to do.

On the other hand, I think it is interesting to analyze these negative emotions to take stock of your current needs and start implement a good action plan.


Do you want to hear more about this topic … and much more!?

Cathy is a certified Neurolanguage coach® (as am I) and since our beginnings we have enjoyed a very valuable relationship as colleagues/accountability partners. And just like French learners, we have sometimes compared ourselves. So our personal experiences inspired this conversation, recorded for Cathy’s podcast “My Polyglot Life”.


Watch it 👇


00:00 | Presentation Ines Lluch Del Campo,  certified Advanced Neurolanguage Coach®

3:15 | Working with an accountability partner

4:15 | What is the difference in approach between a traditional teacher and a coach?

7:20 |How comparison can arouse insecurities and tips for reducing the stress caused by comparison

13:25 | Positive aspects of comparison and working with a partner



Or listen to this podcast episode.


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