Priority and French learning

messy desk - how to make French learning a priority ?

We all know that in order to make rapid progress on a goal, it must be at the heart of our priorities.


But how can we do when we have other priorities?


I wonder about the notion of “priority” and this idea that to achieve a goal you “just” have to make it a priority. I agree, but sometimes it’s just not realistic.

How can we do this when we have other more important priorities: partner, work, children, mental health, physical health…?

If you recognize yourself in the above description, let me offer you a new vision of things, less guilt-ridden and more realistic.


French is not your priority and that’s okay.


In you mental to-do list, I suggest you create a new category called “A little attention”.

In this category you can put the things that you deeply want to do but that you can’t (at the moment) put in the priorities of your life.

French finds its real place.


French becomes something that deserves “a little attention“.
〰️Without pressure.
〰️Without feeling guilty.
〰️With the assurance that you will continue with French.


How could you give French “a little attention” in a day or in a week? Share your ideas in the comments below! 

Not all my clients have made French their top priority, some have chosen to give it a little attention, to make sure that it moves forward, along with the rest.

Discover my 1-1 coaching and create some space for your French progress!

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