French Learning : embrace “guilty pleasures”!

As a dedicated French coach, I’ve often emphasized the significance of setting goals to progress strategically in your French language journey. Today, let’s explore a contrasting concept – the art of relaxing and letting go without the burden of guilt.

Instead of focusing on specific objectives, indulge in light activities surrounding the French language to foster a more carefree connection.


The Joy of Disinterested Engagement:

In this approach, engage in light activities related to French without the pressure of optimization or productivity. Connect with the language in a “disinterested” manner, allowing yourself to enjoy the experience without a predefined learning objective.


Breaking Free from Productivity Constraints:

It’s crucial not to neglect activities that bring you pleasure merely because they may not be perceived as “productive” or “efficient.” Give yourself the freedom to savor the things you love, allowing your mind to wander through the world of French with the sole purpose of enjoying the moment.


Diverse Pleasures in French

Whether it’s watching a captivating YouTube video, immersing yourself in French music (check out my french music playlist) , following an intriguing series, or any other activity that brings you joy, indulge in these “pointless” activities in French. This not only builds a positive relationship with the language but also contributes to an enjoyable learning experience.


Value in Pointlessness

By embracing seemingly “useless” activities in French, you’re cultivating a unique and positive connection with the language. The value lies not in achieving specific goals but in the joy derived from the process itself.


In conclusion, don’t underestimate the importance of incorporating “useless” yet pleasurable activities into your French language routine.

Building an enjoyable and positive relationship with the language is invaluable for long-term success. Embrace the joy of “French guilty pleasures” and revel in the diverse ways you can connect with the language without the constraints of productivity.


Share Your “French Guilty Pleasures”

I invite you to share your “French guilty pleasures” in the comments! Share those delightful activities that may not have a clear learning objective but bring you immense joy.

Let’s celebrate the diverse ways in which we engage with the French language!

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