Positive feedback & French Learning

When learning French, one way to boost your motivation is to hear positive feedback.

It instantly triggers the production of dopamine, which stimulates the creation of neural connections: this means that when you receive positive feedback, you learn better !


Ready to boost your learning by giving yourself compliments?

C’est parti!


When you think of positive feedback and learning French, you may imagine comments that evaluate your language level or the correctness of the words used?

I would like to offer you NEW OPTIONS to encourage you during your learning process.

I propose to give you compliments that don’t take into account if you made mistakes or not, but that TAKE INTO ACCOUNT THE EFFORT you have made to learn.


You can congratulate yourself because:

❤️You worked consistently.
❤️You put a lot of energy into the task.
❤️You were very focused on the task.
❤️You put time into your French.
❤️You did your best.
❤️You are flexible when you need to be
❤️You make French a priority.


So… what are you proud of today? Share it in comments or by e-mail ( ✉️ frenchmood.coach@gmail.com), you will experience how good it feels to share this with someone!


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