Personalized French Learning: Your Way, Your Progress

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Embarking on the journey of learning French as an expat can be both exciting and challenging. The key to making meaningful progress lies in personalization – tailoring your learning experience to suit your unique needs and preferences. This approach is particularly relevant for individuals who lack motivation, feel stuck, or for neurodivergent learners. In this article, we’ll explore the concept of customization and provide practical tips on how to make your French learning journey a personalized and enjoyable adventure.



1- Personalized French Learning: A Virtuous Circle

The ultimate benefit of personalized French learning is the virtuous circle of progress. When your learning activities align with your unique needs, they gain more significance, leading to increased enjoyment and motivation. These elements are crucial as they trigger the release of dopamine, a key neurotransmitter for effective learning.

In essence, personalization creates a positive feedback loop.


2- How to Personalize Your French Learning:

Now that you understand the benefits of customization, let’s delve into the practical aspects of personalizing your French learning journey.


💛Choose What You Learn

The first thing is to define personalized learning objectives. Define what you want to learn in terms of vocabulary and grammar. Consider who you want to communicate with and for what purpose.

💛Choose your input

Explore diverse resources such as French textbooks, vocabulary books, YouTube channels, authentic documents, exercise books, and language learning apps.


💛Choose your timing

Optimize study sessions by considering frequency, duration, and timing, aligning with your peak alertness and receptivity.

💛 Maximizing your learning potential : adapting to your unique pace


💛Personalize your actions 

Choose the type of exercises that align with your learning objectives. Identify activities that enhance memorization and practical application. There is a vast array of possibilities to work towards your different goals.


Explore new actions :

💡Learning French with mindmaps 

💡Graphic novels  : a journey into French reading 

💡How to integrate implicite learning into your strategy 


3-The mindset to a customized Language Learning

Knowing the theory is not enough. You need to set the right mindset to be able to really personalize your learning.


Let’s step outside your usual framework and broaden your horizons!


➖Consider the following questions to identify what resonates with you:

👉What feels right to you?
👉What motivates you to take action?


➖Draw inspiration from successful strategies in other areas of your life:


👉What study methods did you enjoy during your academic years?
👉What works for you when memorizing information in a work context?


➖Say no to things that hinder your progress:


It’s okay if what works for others doesn’t work for you.

If you dislike repetitive grammar exercises, stop doing them.
If you’re introverted and uncomfortable practicing French with friends, find alternatives.

Saying no isn’t a rejection of progress; it’s making room for what’s relevant to you, alleviating guilt, and avoiding negative emotions associated with repeated failures.


Personalized French learning is not just a method; it’s a blueprint for success.

Tailor your approach, embrace the adventure, and celebrate the progress that comes with a customized and enjoyable language-learning experience.


Seeking an accountability partner to explore what works best for you? Let’s embark on this personalized adventure together.

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