Make good progress in French, act like a champion!

How can an MMA champion help you to progress in French?


I watched the documentary  Notorious (available on Netflix) and I must admit that I was captivated by this documentary that follows MMA champion Connor Mc Gregor.

What interested me was what Connor had to say, the words of a champion, someone who fights to win, to perform and to be the best.


How can you, as a French learner, be nourished by this documentary?



After a defeat, the champion revisits the match, relives the fight, and faces the failure in the eyes. So that these moments, which can seem frustrating, painful, become “normal” and “habits”.


❓What about you❓

Do you dare to look your failures in the face to analyze them and give them the place they deserve?

What lesson do you learn from these failures?



He looks at his strengths and weaknesses and plans strategies to come out on top.


❓What about you❓

Do you know your strengths as well as your weaknesses?

What strategy should you put in place to win this exam, this interview, that challenge you are facing?



Connor is what he wants to be: he acts like a champion before he is one.


❓What about you❓

Which French speaker do you want to be? How do people who have the level you are aiming for behave?

What habit or posture could you adopt to get closer to them?



He celebrates his victories, with his partners, his team.


❓What about you❓

Do you pay attention to your progress? How do you celebrate the achievement of a French goal?



When you want to progress in French, evolve, surpass yourself, sportsmen are fabulous examples.

I hope this post will inspire you and help you!


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