How to set a reward system to keep your motivation high?

I would like to share with you one of the strategies to boost motivation in French learning. Move from inaction to action by setting up a reward system.

Reaching goals in French, investing in learning, preparing for an exam, all this often requires energy. You have to stay the course, and keep going until the goal is reached.


So, in these conditions, it is normal that from time to time the motivation is not there If at a given moment you have trouble getting to work, launching yourself into a task, starting a movement… I must tell you: it is normal!


It is absolutely normal to experience moments with less energy, less desire.


The brain, by nature, likes simple things and habits: it works on the economy system. When we learn a language, when we have objectives to reach, we must from time to time know how to dupe our brain to regain energy


Let me share with you some ideas to help learning French and keep your motivation high by setting up a reward system in your learning process. Let’s get started!!!


Interest of rewards:

🌟 Keep motivation high.
🌟 Accomplish difficult tasks that require energy

When to give a reward?

You can choose to give yourself a reward when you reach or complete a task.
The idea is to make a contract with yourself:

When you finish this task/goal you will have “…” or you could do “…”.

What kind of reward?

I like to separate rewards into two categories: material rewards and non-material rewards.

1-Material rewards:

The material reward can be: a drink, a sweet, a dish, a flower… or even more: a cinema or restaurant outing.

The idea is to choose an exceptional material reward, that you don’t do on a daily basis.

Ex: make pancakes, go see a movie with a friend, have a drink in a bar you never go to, eat in a restaurant you’ve been wanting to for a long time.

Your coach’s advice : Make a list of all the things you could set aside to reward yourself. Pick an idea from this list whenever you need a motivation boost.


2- Non-material rewards

Here are some ideas of intangible rewards you can put in place to help you boost your motivation and get into action.

Intangible rewards are things you can do without spending money, it can be related to videos, podcasts, reading…


🎁 Set aside a video, podcast, or series for when you want to reward yourself. 

Your coach’s advice: Create a list/folder with the audio/video content you set aside as a reward and forbid yourself to watch it in any other context.


🎁 Set aside a book that you love and give yourself a certain amount of reading time for each task you complete:

You can even keep track of how much reading time you accumulate and use it whenever you want.


🎁 Set aside a task that you enjoy doing as a reward.

Your reward can also be related to your French learning.

For example, if you love doing activities (exercises, games, mindmap) related to French learning you can set aside these activities that you enjoy as a reward.

1 less motivating activity completed = 1 motivating activity to do



If , in despite of all these tips, you feel that you need an acountability partner to help you achieve your French goals, contact me here to book a free discovery call!

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