Impact of fear on your ability to communicate in French

Today I’d like to talk to you about the impact of fear on your ability to communicate in French, because I realize that many people suffer from it, but few understand the mechanisms at play in these moments.


In situations where you feel fear or shame, you notice that you find it harder to express yourself.

And yet, afterwards, when you think back on these situations, you know you’re capable of doing better.

But, in the moment, you hesitate, everything seems blurred, you may even be paralyzed, and you can’t mobilize your knowledge.


So you might be wondering what your problem is?

You don’t have a problem!

You’re just a scared human 🤗.



That’s where it all comes from => the “fight or flight” answer ⚠️

The “fight or flight” response is our body’s automatic reaction to keep us alive in the face of danger.

In these moments, our body will mobilize the resources it deems necessary to “fight” or “flight” to protect us.


The fight or flight response is activated in the event of a :

🚨physical threat

🚨social threat (e.g.: someone criticizes your accent or your level of French)

🚨emotional threat (fear of failure, fear of rejection…).


You can have a “fight or flight” reaction:
– in a French class
– in a French communication situation

What are the consequences for your ability to communicate?  

Let me put it in broad terms : much of the blood in your brain is going to your heart and your upper and lower limbs to prepare for fight or flight.


As a result,some parts of your brain no longer have the resources they need to function normally😵.


So you simply can’t think, analyze, rationalize and act as you normally would.


🥵That’s why you feel out of control.
😯That’s why you can’t find the words or construct the sentences as well as you’d like.

🫤That’s why you don’t understand well in these moments.


You simply can’t function normally.
The resources are elsewhere.



I hope it helps you to understand your reactions and feelings in these difficult moments.


What are your fears around French? What triggers the fight or flight reaction?  Share your observations in the comment section below!


As a Neurolanguage coach, I’m particularly sensitive to this phenomenon, as it can have an impact not only on our ability to communicate, but also to learn. In fact, it’s impossible to learn anything in a “fight or flight” situation.

In my 1-1 coaching, everything is done to ensure that there is no social or emotional threat.


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