What impact have expectations in French learning?

➡️Are you disappointed with your current level of French because you haven’t reached the level you thought you would?

➡️Living in a French-speaking country, you thought that you would quickly feel at ease with the language?



What if the expectations you have about your French learning are the main reason for this disappointment?


The expectations you have of your French learning are a kind of projection into the future without a direct link to reality.
It is a dream, a wish.

In French “expectation” is translated as “les attentes”, we say “s’attendre à quelque chose” = “to wait for something to happen”.

Well… the action, the control, the ownership and certainty are quite limited isn’t it?


It’s quite normal that your level doesn’t reach your expectations.

Because that level was just not grounded in reality. It was just a dream.


On the opposite, goals are anchored in a time frame, they are /




✅and trigger the implementation of an action plan.


Do you want to turn the expectations you have about your French learning into reality?


You can start by setting up an action plan with clear objectives.

This is what I do with my clients at the beginning of each coaching program :

1- We first talk about expectations, ambitions, dreams
2- and then we move on to a 100% customized action plan with specific and personalized goals to turn their dream into reality.


Need help to build a strong strategy to reach your French goals?

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