How to work more regularly on your French (+free printable)?

I’d like to introduce you to a tool I have created that can help you work more regularly on your French.


😉 Do you ever have a few minutes to work on your French but end up doing something else?

🤔Are there times when you think, “I should be doing French right now!” but in the end you don’t do anything because you lack inspiration?


I may have the solution to your problem!
I’d like to introduce you to a tool that can help you work more regularly on your French : the ACTIVITY MENU!


💡 What is it?

It is a personalized menu of activities you can do to advance your French goals.


💡What is it for?

1- To see at a glance all the actions you can do to advance towards your goals.
2- To stay focused on your goals and not to lose focus
3- To boost your motivation (variety of options adapted to your available time and the energy of the moment).


Using a menu of activities allows you to reduce the time of reflection between the moment you realize you have time to work and the moment you start working.

With this menu, you get into action faster and more regularly.

Are you convinced? I’ll give you some tips on how to create your activity menu!


💡How to create your menu?

This activity menu is personal and unique : no one can make it for you.

Make a list of activities you’re used to do with French or actions you’ve done in the past that have been effective and enjoyable.

Tip: focus only on activities that relate to your CURRENT French goals.


💡How can you organize the activity menu?


I would like to show you to 2 ways to organize your menu:


⚡An activity menu by skill

This is to organize the activities according to the 4 key skills of language learning.


Download the free printable HERE.


Here are some questions to help you complete your menu:

Speaking (Parler) : What types of actions can you do in speaking to move toward your goal?
Writing (Ecrire) : What can you do in writing to work on your goal?
Listening (Ecouter): What could you watch or listen to in order to advance your goal?
Reading Comprehension (Lire): What could you read to make progress on your goal?


⚡An activity menu by learning stage

I invite you to read this article or check this video if you want to know more about the different stages of learning.


Download free printable  HERE


Here are some questions to help you complete your menu:

Discover: What actions can you take to discover new vocabulary or grammar rules (watch a teacher’s video on Youtube, read a blog post, look up the most important words on a dictionary…)?

Organize: What are the actions you can take to appropriate new knowledge (note taking, diagram, mind map…)

Memorize: What are the actions that will help you memorize this new knowledge?

Practice: What actions can you take to practice using this new knowledge?



💡Last tip:  I suggest you add two items to your menu:

〰️ the minimum time needed to do this activity.
〰️ the degree of difficulty of each activity.


Here, for your inspiration, is an example of an activity menu I made up.


Creating your first menu will take you about 10 minutes and I can tell you it’s worth it because it will really help you work on your French more regularly! Ready to start 🤝?