How to Use Your Life Experiences to Boost Your French Learning

use you life experience to boost your learning

I believe that everyone has the ability to learn a new language, and one way to boost your French learning is to draw on your life experiences.

One of my coaching clients recently shared with me her difficulty in memorizing new information. But when I asked her what had worked for her in the past, she was stumped. She was convinced that nothing had ever worked.

However, I knew that she had successfully memorized a lot of information in her life. So I asked her to think beyond her experience with learning French and to consider the different learning experiences she had in her life.


How did she manage to succeed in her challenging studies?

How did she memorize the information she needed to become an expert in her job?


Instantly, she was able to answer.

She found clues and was able to explain to me what had worked for her.


The lesson here is that your past and current experiences, outside of language learning, are valuable resources that can help you achieve your goals.

Don’t hesitate to think outside the box and look for inspiration in your own life.


If you’re currently struggling with something in your French learning process (whether it’s a strategy, organization, or mindset), try to find solutions in your past or current experiences.

You might be surprised at what you discover. And remember, you’re not alone in your learning journey.


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