How to use French songs in your learning routine?

Did you know that integrating French songs in your learning routine can help you work on : comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, spelling and pronunciation?


Let me show you the benefits of using French songs in your learning routine and actions you can do from a song to improve your French.




Beyond the pleasure of listening to a song you like and arouses pleasant emotions, the benefits at the linguistic level are numerous.


⚡ It facilitates comprehension

⚡ You discover and memorize new words and expressions

⚡ You are in contact with complex grammatical structures and verbal tenses

⚡ It allows you to practice pronouncing the sounds of the language

⚡ It is also a great way to connect to the culture !




You can find below 5 actions to easily use songs in your French routine :


🎵  1-Singing while reading the lyrics

Skill : pronunciation, reading 


🎵  2-Copy the lyrics by hand

Skill : spelling, structure of the language (grammar), writing


🎵  3-Listen and write down all the words or phrases you hear/understand.

Skill : comprehension, spelling, structure of the language


🎵  4-Read the lyrics and look for words you don’t know.

Skill : vocabulary, grammar


🎵  5-Translate the lyrics of the song.

Skill : vocabulary, grammar


Ready to use more French songs in your learning routine?


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