How to track your French speaking progress?

7-steps strategy to track your French Speaking progress

😕Do you find it hard to see your French speaking progress?

😕Feeling you are stagnating in French?


There is a way to track your French speaking progress and evaluate whether or not you are progressing.

I have created a 7-steps strategy to track on your own your French speaking progress.


Why is it so important to track your French speaking progress?

Simply because if you are not able to see your progress it can impact your motivation and discourage you from working on your goals


Here is the voice recording technique detailed in 7 steps :


1- Define your goal.


If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that the basis of any progress is a clear goal (for this you can use the SMART method – more details in this article).

Let’s take an example:

Your goal is : in 2 months I want to be able to have a simple conversation about ecology with my friends.


2- Write down 2 or 3 questions you would like to be able to answer in 2 months.


Examples of questions :

What are the green things you do on a daily basis?
How important is ecology in your life?
In your opinion, what needs to be changed for our world to be greener?


3- Imagine a small self-evaluation questionnaire to evaluate your answers to these questions:

How many ecology-specific words did you use?
How many key ideas did you include in each answer?

From 1 to 10, rate the clarity of your answers
From 1 to 10, rate your ability to answer the questions.


4- Record an audio

You will now record yourself answering the questions (step 2).
Then you will evaluate the audio by answering the self-evaluation questions (step 3).


5- 2 months later: record a new audio

It is time to evaluate your progress.

Record a new audio by answering the same questions (step 2).
Evaluate the audio by answering the self-evaluation questions (step 3).


6- Compare the audios

Compare the BEFORE / AFTER evaluation questionnaires.

-What has changed? 

-What has not changed?


7- New actions (optional)

If after your self-evaluation you are not satisfied with the result and you would like to do better, then clearly note what improvements you would like to make.

– What do you need to learn to be satisfied?
– What do you need to change in your strategy to reach your goal?

Then, repeat steps 5 and 6 a few weeks later.


Whats is your N°1 French speaking goals ? Share it in comments below! 


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