How to speak a little more French in your daily life?

👉Would you like to speak more French and connect with the neighbors and shopkeepers in your
neighborhood or village?
👉Would you like to speak a little more French in your daily life but you’re not sure you can have a long conversation in French?

I suggest you start with mini interactions!

In this blog post you will discover and learn:  how to use mini interactions to speak a little more French in your daily life?

I’ll share my tips to get you started and I’ll launch a challenge at the end so you can start speaking more French in your daily life!


“Mini interactions”…What is it?

“Mini interactions” are very small moments of communication that allow you to connect with people around you: shopkeepers, a neighbor, a delivery person, a person in the waiting room, a secretary, a parent at the school exit…

💡 A mini interaction can be a single sentence that does not require a response or a quick exchange of 2 or 3 sentences.


You walk into your local grocery store and the store is beautifully decorated for Christmas and you say: “Oh, j’adore votre décoration!”


3 reasons why you should have more mini interactions in French!



Mini interactions create an opportunity to speak more French in your daily life.
It’s just one sentence, but if you do this in every store, or with every vendor at the market, then you’ve created a great opportunity to speak a little.



Mini interactions allow you to create a connection on a daily basis and to feel a little more integrated in your place of residence (neighborhood / village).



You can adjust the mini-intervention according to your level.

Depending on your level, you can :

✨Make a statement or an exclamation that doesn’t require a response.
“Le temps est fou aujourd’hui!”

✨✨Ask a closed question (the answer is yes or no)
“Vous attendez depuis longtemps?”, “Est-ce que vous allez fermer pendant les vacances de Noël? ”

✨✨✨ Ask an open question (the answer will be more detailed)

“Comment va votre mari?”, “comment se sont passées les fêtes de Noël?”


What can we talk about during mini- interactions?

💬 The basic and very classic topic in France is to talk about the weather!

💬 Another way to have mini-interactions is to complain about something in common with the person in front of you.
This is a very classic way to start a conversation in France. Yes… it might be weird for you but that’s how it really happens!
“quel temps horrible”, “le trafic est infernal aujourd’hui”, “ce docteur est toujours en retard”…
Don’t worry, in general the person in front of you will respond by confirming what you say, they won’t get into a debate about the idea!

💬 Compliment : it doesn’t require any particular response except a “merci“, so there’s not much risk of not understanding the answer. Moreover, it is pleasant for the one who makes it and the one who receives it!

“le plat que j’ai commandé la dernière fois était délicieux”, “vos décorations de Noël sont superbes!”


Finally, here are my three tips to achieve mini interactions in French :

1 – Think about who you could address: a neighbor, a shopkeeper, a delivery man…

2- Imagine the sentences you could say to each type of person, depending on the time, place and weather.

3- Are you afraid of making a mistake? Of not pronouncing well? Don’t forget that perfection in language is about communicating and interacting. It’s about daring!


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