How to practice French speaking alone?

How to practice French speaking alone?

Practicing French speaking is essential to improve your ability to use the language but it is not always easy to find opportunities to speak French.

Maybe you don’t have anyone around you to practice with or you simply don’t dare.


Let me introduce you to some strategies to practice French speaking alone!


1- Think out loud


Express your thoughts out loud in French.

When you are cleaning, when you are in the shower, when you are cooking… try to say out loud the things you are doing or thinking!


2- Make a monologue on a specific topic


This strategy is different from the previous one because here you will choose a specific topic / theme.


Here are some examples of monologues:

– Tell a story or a personal anecdote.
– Talk about a subject that interests you: your work, a movie, a book, a current event…
– Talk about your day, your plans: What happened? What are you planning?
– Talk about your emotional or physical state: How do you feel now? How did you feel today?


My advice:

You can record yourself (voice note or video). This will allow you to be more focused on the exercise. You can keep these recordings as a record of your level and in a few months, you can listen to them again to see how much you have progressed.


3- Read a text, an article, the lyrics of a song, a poem…

This strategy is particularly suitable if you are tired and don’t feel like “thinking”.
It’s a way to be active in the language because you’ll be reading aloud, but you don’t have to make the effort to think about your sentences.
This is also an ideal strategy for beginners who want to feel like they are speaking the language.


Which of these tips would you like to try? Share it in comments!



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