How to express your true identity in French?

🎭Do you feel like you can’t express your true identity when you interact with French speakers?

🎭Do you ever feel that there is a big gap between who you really are and the person you embody when you speak in French?


Recently, during a coaching session, a client explained to me her frustration at not being able to express her true personality in French. In her native language she is funny and ironic… but in French she seems serious and can’t communicate that side of her personality.


After a coaching conversation, we decided that she would use our French sessions as a playground to test her irony in French, and find her way back to humor in this new language.


What about you? How different are you in your native language?


Are you … super talkative? super funny? super sociable? super smart? super spontaneous? super precise? super poetic? super strong? super sweet?


Living in a new country is challenging and speaking a new language is not just about using verbs and new words!

There is much more going on in situation of communication.


How could you express your true identity when speaking French?


Choose the form that fits you:


👉Which French speaker do you want to be?
👉What language register do you want to speak?
👉What tone do you want to adopt? (humorous, ironic, relaxed, formal?)


Talk about the things that make you unique:


👉What are the elements of your personality that you would like to be able to communicate in French?

e.g.: learn how to talk about your interests and passions, express your opinions, values, beliefs…


What about culture?


👉What place do you want to give to your culture in the way you express yourself in French?
👉What cultural elements do you want to keep because they are part of you?

Interacting in French doesn’t mean that you have to do everything like the French.
Your culture is your wealth, it is part of you and you can give it a place in your interactions in French.


Ready to be yourself in French?


As a Neurolanguage coach® I can help you break the French language barriers.


During the 12 weeks program “Confident French Speaker” you will :

🗯 Learn to talk about the topics that are important to you and that make you tick.
🗯 Learn to express your opinions, your personality, your uniqueness, your humor.
🗯 Have deep conversation with your coach about cultural aspects.


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✨Together, you will regain your self-confidence and pleasure to speak in French ✨