How to enjoy reading in French?

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How to enjoy reading in French?

Reading in French can be a real asset to progress in French. How you can enjoy reading French and what you should read?

Very often, when I talk about reading in coaching sessions, my clients think that reading means reading a book, a novel.

What if I told you that there are many other ways to practice reading in French, without reading a novel.




In this article, we will see that there are many other options that are simpler and perhaps less daunting than reading a book. I will share with you my ideas and suggestions for reading in French, to enjoy reading without being disgusted with French!


1- The benefits of reading for learning
2- What else can you read besides children’s book ?
3- Choose a topic that you enjoy




The benefits of reading are multiple.
With reading you can work on and improve many French skills: comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, spelling.


Here is a small list of the benefits of reading:

🗸 Expand your vocabulary, discover new words and expressions

🗸 Discover new grammatical structures

🗸 Improve your spelling and grammar

🗸 Practicing the language in context promotes memorization

🗸 Increase your contact with the language

🗸 Practice oral expression and pronunciation with reading aloud.




Then I’m going to help you open up the field of possibilities and choose the written medium that appeals to you the most.

Let’s go back to the basics: reading is just having access to a written medium in front of you. So reading is everywhere in our lives.

I share with you a list of my favorite bookstores at the end of the article.



⚡2. What else can you read besides novels?



🟡 Magazines (decoration, cooking, well-being, health, …)
🟡 Literature (novels, poetry, plays)
🟡 Comic books, mangas
🟡 Books on a specific theme: cooking, gardening, fashion, creative activities, DIY, architecture, gardening, sports, travel, tourism, personal development, music, photography, cinema, design, sociology, philosophy, geography, economics, tourist guides, travel books…
🟡 Press: regional, local, national, international, satirical newspapers
🟡 Publications on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), newsletters, blog articles…



1.Where can you read in French?



– On the internet (social networks, website, blog).
– In press offices « maison de la presse » (magazines, books, newspapers).
– In bookstores & in public libraries (there are all kinds of books, magazines, newspapers…).


2.How to choose what you should read?


Manga = novel = tweet = article on fashion trends 2021.
There is no one medium that is more valuable than another.


Your best reading material will be THE ONE YOU like.

The best medium is the one YOU like best.


3.Here are a few questions that will help you figure out your taste:


In general (in your native language or in another language):

What do you like to read?
Fiction? Current events? News?
Short content? Long-form content?


Take some time to answer these questions and ask yourself:

What would you like to read in French?
What is within your reach?
What would you like to hold in your hands to read in French?


⚡3. Choose a topic that you enjoy reading.

Enjoyment is a very important element to consider when working on your French.
Follow your instinct, your intuition, your taste and choose ONLY written content that you like.


The level of difficulty is in my opinion a secondary criterion.


The content is as important as the medium. Only read subjects that interest you or that are useful for YOU.

You should really focus on content that will make you want to read. This is the number one criteria.

It may be because it is a subject related to a passion, a personal project, your work, an interest.
Your choice is up to you. The more you like the content, the easier it will be and the less energy it will take.


To help you know what kind of content you like and to feed your inspiration, here are some questions you can ask yourself:


What are your passions?  Your hobbies?


What are your short/long term plans?
Do you have any project-related reading material? Your hobbies? Your hobbies?


What are your French goals?
What kind of written content could help you reach your French goals?



And finally … let’s talk about goals and quantity!


Personally, I think that you shouldn’t have your eyes bigger than your stomach.
That is to say, it’s better to set small reading goals, rather than telling yourself that you’re going to read a whole book.

As with learning in general, I advise you to go step by step, little by little.

You can also set small daily or weekly goals such as “I want to read a page of a magazine a week” or “I want to read a few lines a day before I go to bed or when I wake up”.


I hope that this article will give you the desire to try to read a little more in French and that it will have opened the field of possibilities.

So, I wish you a very good reading session !!!!!


My favorite bookstores

⭐Gibert Joseph ( new & second hand books) :

⭐Librairie Ombres Blanches:


⭐Think of the municipal libraries, there are some in all the cities and in many villages!

⭐Think of the Maison de la Presse to find newspapers, magazines and specialized journals, there are some in all the cities too.