How to find your best strategy to learn French?

❌Do you tell yourself that you have everything you need around you to get there but…it’s not working?


Most people around you speak French and despite the courses you have taken and the energy you have spent to reach a better level of French, you feel that you are stagnating and that you are not progressing.


I’ll explain how to build the best strategy to progress in French.

I’ll share with you my method so that you can put some clarity on the current situation and find your way back to progress!



Understand how is it like to progress ?

What does a language progression look like?
On the one hand the dream progression. On the other hand the progression as I imagine it. (see below)

In real life, sometimes you progress quickly, sometimes you progress slowly, sometimes you stagnate.

These moments of pause, are normal: the brain needs time to register information and assimilate new knowledge.



✨my method for analyzing and designing your ideal strategy to learn french ✨


Is the stagnation of your progress due to a lack of motivation or to non-existent or unsuitable strategies?

Then you can have an impact on this curve and boost your progress.


I suggest that you analyze what happened in your French learning journey in order to :

  • avoid repeating the same mistakes
  • validate strategies or to initiate changes
  • build you best strategy to learn French.



Take a paper, a pen and start making a list with two columns:

1- things I keep “je garde”

2- things I change “je change”


In the column “things I keep” you will list everything that has helped you get to this point. Everything you enjoyed doing and everything that worked for you.

In the column “things I change” you will list all the difficulties you have encountered, all the things that have an impact on :

👉motivation (read more about motivation here)

👉relationship with French

👉state of mind



✨Elements of your strategy that you can analyze✨


1-The goals you set (or didn’t set): Realistic? Achievable? Personalized? Fixed in time? …

2-The management of time: make room for French in your agenda, duration of the work sessions, regularity, rhythm, organization…

3-The activities you did : practicing, training, memorizing, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, speaking, writing, listening, reading, language classes, conversation classes, group classes, online training, coaching…

4-The material you used: books, audio content, workbooks, websites, training courses purchased…

5-The people you teamed up with to advance your French: teacher, coach, person I know, tandem…

6-Your state of mind: motivation, risk-taking, leaving your comfort zone, commitment, fear of failure, lack of self-confidence, fear of judgment…


✨Create your new strategy to learn French✨


Here you are at the last step👏👏!!

You will have to transform the negative elements from the column “what I change” into new assets.

Example 1 : In the column “What I’m changing” you have noted: the rhythm.

What rhythm would suit you better? How can you improve this aspect?
What change will you make so that the rhythm becomes an asset in your progress?


Example 2: In the column “What I am changing” you wrote down “vocabulary activities”.


What actions could you take to increase your vocabulary? What did you dislike about the activities you have done so far? How could you make them more effective and enjoyable when you work on this aspect?

E.g.: make mind maps. Write a text/story around a specific vocabulary theme.




Now you’ve got it, it’s up to you!

It’s time to implement the changes you mentioned in your list !!!!


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