How to bring positive thinking into your French learning?

In this article, I would like to help you bring more positive thinking around your learning or use of French. 




Do you often say: “I suck. I’m stupid. I’m wrong all the time. I have no willpower”?


Did you know that the more you repeat something to yourself, the more your brain registers it as true?

Even if it is a judgment, a self-criticism, and not a fact. 


Imagine what your brain has recorded when you said “I am stupid ” or “I can’t do it”.

How many times has it registered that you are stupid? that you suck? that you have failed?


👉Negative comments have disastrous consequences on your self-confidence and your motivation to improve your French.


How is it possible to continue to have hope, energy, and motivation when you regularly enter into your internal computer: I am not good at learning / speaking, French? 


It is hardly possible to progress with a lack of self-support.




1- Self-awareness


To begin with, you need to pay attention, to be aware.

Observe the things you think about yourself when you are in a difficult situation in French.


What are the negative comments you make about yourself?


2-Add objectivity to your judgment


Do you agree that when you say “I am stupid” this is VERY subjective and it is not connected to reality?

Instead, I suggest you create a new sentence, more complete and more objective : 


Example: I feel stupid when … I mispronounce a word.


3- Bring some positive thinking to it


I know how difficult it is to radically change your thinking so, instead, I suggest you apply this advice from Camilla Quintana an Empowerment coach for expat women :


✨Add a positive nuance every time you have a negative thought about yourself and your level of French. 

It is very simple and it will have a huge impact on your confidence.



Instead of saying “I feel stupid when I mispronounce a word” in French, you can say

  • I feel stupid when I mispronounce a word BUT I know that I will get better with practice.
  • I feel stupid when I mispronounce a word BUT I am proud of not giving up.


I hope that this will help you bring positive thinking into your French journey! 


Is too difficult for you to take a step back from the situation?

Do you feel you have entered a sort of vicious circle with the French language?

There is still time for a change.

Maybe you just need some outside help to :

  • take an objective and kind look at yourself
  • help you build an effective and adapted action plan

If you want to see if I could be the right person for you, book a discovery call.