How To Balance Summer and French learning?

balancing summer and french learning

Summer is a special time of the year when we break free from our routine and embark on vacations, spend quality moments with family and friends, and embrace a more relaxed pace of life. Amidst all the enjoyment, it’s natural for questions to arise when it comes to French learning.


“Will I forget everything?” This is a common concern that crosses the minds of many learners during the summer break. It’s essential to acknowledge that taking a short break from studies won’t erase all the progress you’ve made!

“Will I have to study more?” The beauty of summer is that it allows flexibility. While some learners might choose to continue their studies, there’s no obligation to study more during this time. Summer provides the chance to explore alternative learning methods, such as language immersion through travels or practice with native speakers. Choose a pace that suits your preferences and goals.

“Is it serious if I don’t do anything?” Taking a complete break from formal studies doesn’t mean you’re not learning at all. Life itself is a continuous learning experience. You can still enrich your language skills by engaging in activities like reading books, journaling…


Now, let’s ask the right questions to shape our summer language learning plans:


1. Are you continuing or taking a break? Decide whether you want to maintain a regular study routine or take a more relaxed approach during the summer break. Both options have their merits; choose what aligns best with your needs.


2. What are your plans for French? Identify your learning goals for the summer. Are you looking to improve conversational skills, focus on grammar, or expand your vocabulary?


3. How do you organize yourself? If you choose to continue studying, you can start thinking about how you can incorporate short study sessions or language-related activities into your daily routine.


If you’re unsure about your summer learning intentions or need guidance, I invite you to watch this insightful video where I help you define your language learning objectives for the summer.


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