How to avoid using screens in your French learning?

Do you spend your day at the office in front of a screen?

I’m sharing with you three very simple strategies to avoid using screens in your French learning.


💡Benefits : why should you avoid screens ? 

There are multiple benefits to avoid screens when learning French (higher motivation and better focus) and they all lead to a more efficient learning. I definitely recommend you to give it a try!


Let me tell you how this blog post started…


Two of my client have recently told me  “I haven’t worked on my French because I don’t feel like sitting in front of a screen after work, I feel like I’m starting a new work day.”

How I understand them! At the end of a day or a week in front of the screens, the desire to disconnect is present.

When I started my Italian coaching with Elisabetta, I had the same problem.

I wanted to do Italian on the weekends but I really didn’t want to be at my desk.
So, I have decided to set a routine that would help me avoid screens and work efficiently at the same time.


Here are some ideas if you want to make progress by cutting down on screens!


1- Paper & Pencil

When I started working on my Italian goals, I immediately bought a small notebook.
This notebook followed me during my 6 weeks of coaching (on weekends, on the terrace, in my bed, on my couch…)

I wrote down my strategies, my objectives, my difficulties and everything I learned in it: vocabulary, grammar…

It has been a great tool during the learning process.

Also, did you know that taking notes by hand has a stronger impact on your memory than writing on a computer keyboard?

💡No numeric keypad = better results!


2- Books

If you want to avoid screens when learning French, you may need to dig out or buy a few French books.

Here is the list of essentials:

✔️A bilingual dictionary.
✔️A grammar book.
✔️A book or chart with the most important conjugations.



3- Audios

You can choose audio content such as podcasts or radio shows.


Check out the apps below:

Radio France Podcast : 👉Download the app (for Android)

Arte Radio👉Dowwnload the app (for Android)


I also recommend you to read this blog post if you would like to use French songs to improve your French.




Which of these strategies are you willing to implement?



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