Graphic Novels : A Journey into French Reading

graphic novels in french

A few years ago, I stumbled upon something that greatly enriched my pleasure in reading. Today, I’d like to share with you my thoughts on this type of reading because graphic novels can help you start your journey in French reading. I’m convinced that this form of reading can be a fascinating tool for those learning French



Graphic Novels : a journey into French reading


Allow me to present three compelling reasons that might inspire you to give this unique literary genre a try:

  1. Accessibility: Graphic novels contain fewer words than traditional novels. This feature makes them especially approachable, even for French learners.
  2. Reading Comfort: Sentences in graphic novels are shorter, making comprehension and reading more manageable, especially for those who haven’t yet mastered the language.
  3. Authenticity: The sentence structures used in graphic novels closely resemble everyday spoken French. The vocabulary you’ll encounter is easily applicable in everyday life situations.


Which Graphic Novels Do I Recommend?


The choice of a graphic novel to start your reading journey, much like a regular book, remains a personal experience. It’s hard to predict whether you’ll enjoy the same works I do. Nevertheless, I’d like to share my list of favorite readings in the hope that it ignites your interest in picking up your first French book!


Here are some of my latest and favorite readings :

Where to Find Them?

You can easily find these books online, at local bookstores, or even at your local library. Don’t forget that some municipal libraries offer on-site reading or home borrowing options. Personally, I’m a member of my village’s small media library, an affordable option with an annual membership fee of only €6.

And remember, there are libraries in every village and town in France (and Switzerland), so don’t hesitate to pay them a visit!


Let me know in the comments the graphic novel you would like to read from this list!

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