Mind Maps by Inès.

Master French with the power of Mind Maps

"C'est" and "c'est pas" made easy!

You will master:

Effortlessly crafting sentences with “c’est”.

"C'est" and "c'est pas" made easy!

You will master:

Effortlessly crafting sentences with “c’est”.

What you will find in the Mind Map:

What you will find in the Mind Map:

7 key sentence structures

Learn the 7 essential ways to incorporate “c’est” in your speech. 

Contextual overview

Insight into the 3 contexts where “c’est” is used. 


Practical examples to help solidify your understanding of the “c’est” rules. 


Common expressions:

Discover 6 common expressions with "c'est" that will enrich your vocabulary and help you in daily conversations. 

Comprehensive conjugation:

The conjugation of "c'est" in the 9 most commonly used tenses in spoken French, including passé composé, imparfait, and futur. 

Interactive practice:

Use the blank version of the Mind Map to train your memory and reinforce your learning.

How to use them:

  1. Purchase and download: They become yours for unlimited use! 
  2. You’re not alone: Ines guides you on how to best explore and learn from the Mind Maps.
  3. Customize : you can customize the Mind Map to fit your unique way of thinking!
  4. Review: Revisit your Mind Maps frequently.


Practice in the real world!

This Mind Map is for you if you are a:

New learner: You’re not sure how to use “c’est” in conversation and need clear guidance.

All-in-one resource seeker: You want a comprehensive Mind Map that covers all essential aspects of this key grammatical structure.

This Mind Map is not for you if:

You’re quite the grammar expert: You’re already confident in the various uses of “c’est”. 

 • You’ll use it for formal settings: You require material specifically tailored for formal, academic, or professional contexts.

Q & A

Mind maps are visual representations of information, ideas, and concepts, typically organized around a central theme or topic. They use branches, keywords, colors, and images to help structure and connect related thoughts or elements. 

You can read more about mind maps in this blog post 

In each Mind Map by Inès you will find a specific section with advices on how to use the Mind Map and transform the information into a real communication skill.

Mind Maps by Inès are designed for mastering French communication with confidence. 


Mindmaps by Ines are about : 

1- Grammar topics that will help you improve your speech in French 

2- Vocabulary topics 

3- French learning tips 

Yes, when purchasing a Mind Map by Inès it becomes yours for unlimited use.

You can customize or personalize the Mind Maps to suit your needs.

When purchasing a Mind Map you get the .pdf file and editable .xmind file so that you can modify, enrich, and tailor the Mind maps to suit your individual learning preferences and needs.

You can modify the mindmaps using the software XMind, beta version is free. 

If you want to go for the Pro version, you can use my coupon code MINDMAPLOVER that provides 15% discount on Xmind Pro (Annually) or directly click this affiliate link.

For years, I’ve used Mind Maps with my 1-1 clients, who love them.  They’ve found clarity, organization, and ease in their learning journey. Their positive feedback inspired me to share this helpful tool with other learners.

For the moment Mind Maps by Ines are in French but if you think it would be a good idea to translate them into English, don’t hesitate to let me know by sending me an email to hello@frenchmood-coaching.com

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