Connect with the French language during summer

play with french in summer

Do you want to maintain a connection with the French language during the summer? 

Are you looking for activities that change your usual learning routine? 


In this article, I share with you 4 ways to connect with the French language during summer





4- PLAY 




There are many choices of reading material in French, but today I wanted to suggest to try the magazine format.  

I advise you to go to a “Maison de la Presse” or a “bureau de tabac/presse” and browse through the many options. 

Always keep in mind that the best magazine for you will be the one that attracts your curiosity, that talks about a subject that interests you or that you are passionate about.


Here is a small selection of magazines that I like and that deal with subjects of society or current events : 






Your dream is to read a book in French but it is difficult for you to find a novel at your level?

Check this article in which I give some pieces of advice to enjoy reading in French.




Vacations can be a great time to create a writing routine. 

Writing is a great way to practice the language and reuse words you’ve learned, heard, or read. 


Do you want to set up a writing routine during your vacation but are afraid you won’t be able to? 

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Here are two writing exercise ideas to do during the vacations: 

1- Make a journal/vacation diary. 

Write from 1 sentence to X pages per day (don’t pressure yourself on the quantity, writing one sentence is always better than nothing!) 

In this diary, you can tell about your vacation plans, the things you do or will do during your vacation, describe your emotions, the landscape… 


2- A word = A text / A sentence

Choose a word and write one or more sentences based on this word.

Example with the word “Calme”

Sentence : j’aime beaucoup les moments calmes, j’aime le silence… 




Listening to French is one of the best habits to increase your knowledge of the language

Before leaving on vacation, I suggest you do some research on podcasts or songs that you would like to listen to during your vacation. 


For podcasts, you can search according to your favorite themes: ecology, politics, history, psychology, personal development, sports, parenthood, maternity, travel, ethical fashion, and minimalism, … 

Type Podcast français + art (or the subject you are interested in) in your search bar and you will find blog post with a lists of the best podcasts on the subject. 


Here are three apps that I recommend for a wide variety of topics: 

Radio France Podcast : 👉Download the app (for Android)

Arte Radio : 👉Dowwnload the app (for Android)

Le : 👉Download the app (for Android)


Looking for ways to improve your French through music? I also suggest you check out this article!


4- PLAY !


Playing is also a great way to connect with French in a fun way, alone or with others.


Here are 5 games you can do with friends or children without any material :


1- The word sequence.

From 2 players

Player 1: choose a word: fruit
Player 2: say a word that he/she associates with fruit: banana
Player 3: say a word that he/she associates with banana: yellow
…and so on!


2- What is your favorite  “…” ?
(artist, fruit, cold drink, hot drink, city, game, car…)

Minimum 2 players.
One player asks a question and all players must answer the question and explain their preference.

It is an excellent way to exchange in French about your tastes.


3- Ni oui ni non

2 players
Players ask each other questions and are not allowed to use “yes” or “no” to answer.


4- Guessing game

Minimum 2 players

One player thinks of an animal, a person, a place or an object.
The other players have to guess by asking closed questions (yes or no answers only)


5- Make up a story with several players

Minimum 2 players.

Player 1 stat a story and player 2 has to continue the story adding a new sentence, and so on until the end of the story!

Player 1: this is the story of a small animal…
Player 2: who is green and tiny…
Player 3: one day,…
Player 1: he was walking in the forest and…
Player 2: he met a little animal…


Several types of games exist for playing alone with words: 

You can also find in a “bureau de tabac / presse” books with word or letter games : crossword / 
word jumble. In French : mots croisés, mots fléchés, mots mêlés.


I hope this article has given you some inspiration and motivation to connect with French language during your summer!!


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